I’m moving my composing studio out of my house and into a small 10X10 room in a rehearsal facility about 5 miles from my house. I thought I’d post some photos of the work in progress. I’ve been moving and setting up for a couple of days now and am just at the point where I can start thinking about doing some wiring of my main rack so I could actually do some work if I needed to.

Here’s the view from the hallway looking into the empty room  It’s nice to have some natural light!

Here’s the left corner of the room (the window is on the right).  I call it the left corner because I’m going to be putting my computer monitors and 88 key controller facing this wall.

Here’s a bass trap in the back corner of the room

Here’s my computer/keyboard desk with the speaker stands.  One stand is upside down in this photo.  I was trying to get the carpet spike to screw in!

Here’s my acoustic “cloud” above the listening position.  I’m creating a reflection free zone.  Eventually (by early December), I’ll have two 6 inch thick bass traps in the front corner, 2 more 4 inch thick absorbers on the side walls, and another 4 inch bass trap on the back wall on the wall/ceiling junction.

4 Auralex T-Fusors on the wall behind the listening position to create a diffuse sound field so that the sound that reflects back to the listening position will be reflected more randomly, thus avoiding comb filtering and making the room sound a bit more live and less like a little 10×10 closet!!

A little writing station below the keyboard stand.  Things are starting to feel a bit cozier.  Note the red curtain on the window.  This is to the right of the listening position.  It’ll be great to have a writing desk to do preliminary sketches.  Above that will be a Roland V-Synth, a vintage Korg Prophecy, a mini version of a Korg MS20 and 2 portable keyboards, one of which has been “circuit bent”

Finally I moved my “audio rack” into the studio.  It has all my MOTU audio interfaces, 2 MOTU MIDI Time Piece MIDI interfaces, a Logitek digital VU meter which shows peak and average at the same time, a Lucid GenX 6-96 clock and a Benchmark D/A converter (to be installed next to the Lucid)  Still need to install my Carillon Audio PC, Vision DAW audio PC, Muse Receptor 2 Pro and a Coleman audio M3PH MK2 monitor controller.

That’s all for now, more to come!!