Well, some things have changed a bit in the layout, but overall it’s for the better.  My friend Tom helped me move a couple of heavy things in and he had some good ideas about making the place more conducive to creativity with more of a feeling of space.  Gone are the speaker stands and the large keyboard stand.  The equipment racks will now be the speaker stands and I’ll get an X stand with a second tier for the extra keyboards.

Here’s the back of the “audio rack” with everything installed and just beginning to wire up the power cables.

Here’s the listening/mixing area (the nerve center).  Note the speaker on the effects rack.  Above the 88 key CME controller are, from left to right:  Novation SL MK2, Euphonix MC Control, Native Instruments Kore 2 and behind that a Focusrite Liquid Mix.

Here’s a view of the left side of the “nerve center”.  The audio rack is being used as a speaker stand here as well.  The positions of everything will need to be tweaked to get the optimum placement, particularly of the speakers.  Plus more wiring is necessary to get the two racks interfaced.  Visible in this photo from top to bottom:  Event Project Studio 8 powered speaker, Logitek Ultra VU digital audio meter, Benchmark D/A converter and Lucid Clock, Coleman Audio M3PH Mk 2 monitor controller, 4 MOTU audio interfaces (24i, 2408 Mk1, 2408 Mk2, 308), MOTU Midi Time Piece AV, Muse Receptor 2 Pro.  Also Ultrasone headphones next to the speaker.

Top view of the “effects rack”, which also holds the right speaker.  From top to bottom: dbx 386 stereo tube mic pre with digital out, Funk Logic Digilog Dynamicator, Lexicon MPX 550, Electrix MOFX, Line 6 Filter Pro, Line 6 Echo Pro, dbx 160XT compressor, Dave Smith Evolver synth.

Bottom view of “effects rack” with drawer holding Evolver pushed in.  Below Evolver: MOTU Midi Time Piece MK1, 3 patch bays, Samson amp for Avantone mini monitors, Monster 2500 power center.

As you can see, more work needs to be done to get the rest of the racks wired and placed properly for optimum speaker placement, but I was able to play some audio and do some requested alt versions of a piece for a library client.  By the end of the year I expect it to be fully functional and will continue to update the blog with the progress.