There’s been a time lag since my last blog post, mostly because I went out of town for Thanksgiving and also because I had to get the room in the house that used to be the studio cleaned up before starting real composing work at the new studio (yes, dear!).

So now I’m about 80% done with the setup of the studio but I have it set up so that I can work, and the rest of the setup is the analog and digital FX rack which I will do as I go. Also I will be installing some shelving and at the same time installing the last two absorption/trapping panels.

I had to shift some things around more back to the original idea, which is to have the speakers on stands. That just gave me more room in the corners to stash some of the bins with cables in them. When I get the shelves up, I may move the racks back into the corners and put the speakers on them, but for now it’s working our well and facilitating the rest of the wiring I’ll have to do.

I also decided to move two of the audio interfaces over to the FX rack, which means I don’t have to run audio snakes between the racks. I will basically just need to run the AudioWire cables from the racks to the computer, which really cuts down on the wires strewn along the floor! Woo Hoo! I also bought a 4 space rack and put my Coleman monitor controller, Benchmark D/A and Lucid clock in front of me and above my keyboard controller. It’s easier to reach and gives more flexibility with the placement of the racks going forward.

The corner traps are from Ready Acoustics. They are their DIY kit which comes with 3 sheets/ea. of OC 703 rigid fiberglass panels, a “bag” made of acoustic fabric that slides over the panels and a second, smaller piece of fiberglass in a bag that goes behind the main panel into the corner. I made two of them and hung them using their hardware. It really tightened up the bass and the stereo imaging is amazing now! Here’s the corner trap kit info:

This is the left speaker with the corner trap behind it.

This is the right speaker and another corner trap.  This trap goes over the window a little bit.  There’s another window outside of this one and so there’s natural light but no fresh air!

Here’s the nerve center with the controllers.

Here’s the rack on the left with the Receptor, Vision DAW computer and the Carillon computer.  The Receptor GUI is displayed on the screen.  Not a great shot, taken with my iPhone.

Here’s the writing desk area to the right of the nerve center.  Notice Winston sleeping under the desk.  He’s very comfortable in the new studio!  Woof!

I’m still working on integrating the Muse Receptor into the workflow.  It will take a bit of time as I really have only been working in the new space for one day.  So far things are working out well but there’s always something more to do!

Part 4 will be after the shelves are put up and after I’ve had a chance to work on some more music and try some mixing in the new room.  Stay Tuned!!